Email Marketing is one of the most essential and highest ROI-driven marketing channels for B2B companies

We at Online B2B Marketing are a team of Digital Marketers having expertise in Email Marketing with our USP being Landing the email in the client’s Inbox. Landing in the inbox is the 1st step toward a successful Email campaign.


At Sobo Solutions, We do every possible activity to generate maximum revenue for your business. We have integrated email marketing campaigns that are affordable as well as effective. Email Marketing is a great medium for targeting the right customers. Through email marketing, we target a specific target audience for better revenue.

Email Marketing had numerous advantages; this helps you to inform the existing customers about the new product that you added in your portfolio, also email campaign helps to bring new customers on board. There are many ways to reach your target audience but Email Marketing is the best way to reach them and streamline your business and grow your sales.

We also provide Bulk mailer services, email blast Services,email marketing for small, medium, and large business houses.
If you need Email Marketing Services knock at Sobo solutions The best Email Marketing services in Mumbai.

What we do – We land your Email in the INBOX

  1. Ensure Inbox Deliverability.
  2. Track Campaigns and Monitor Reports.
  3. Email validation Services.

Our Email Marketing Services is a Great Tool to generate Leads by email blast on specific Niche, We are Specialised for Electronics Industry and have a database of the various categories you are looking for…  For More Details on our process, You will get the email if of the engaged audience for further remarketing along with the campaign Report.

 Our Community for Email Marketing.

  • Design Engineers
  • Developers of IoT Solutions
  • Academicians involved in Tech Education
  • Senior Decision Makers (Electronics, IT, and IoT sectors)
  • Senior Technology Decision Makers (across all sectors)
  • DIYers (electronics, IT, and IoT)
  • Software Developers
  • IT Managers (IT Infrastructure)
  • Budding Engineers
  • Policy Makers & Influencers
  • Test, Repair & Maintenance Professionals
  • Electronics Manufacturing Professionals
  • Open Source Community

Broad Specification of Audiences that we cater

  • Electronics Professionals: System Integrator’s / Product / Circuit Designers, Product Testers, R&D Engineers, Embedded System Developers, Consultants etc.
  • Business / Technology Decision Makers: MDs, CEO’s, CTO’s, Chairman of manufacturing & Trading Firms, Purchase Managers, Sr. Marketing Personnel’s etc
  • Electronics Manufacturers and Purchase Decision Makers Dealers and Distributors
    Industry Professionals and Design Consultants
  • Government bodies: BEL, BHEL, DRDO, HAL, Electronics and Electrical associations like MIDC, IESA, ELCOMA, ELCINA, and many more are associated with us!
  • IoT Developers & Implementers, Embedded Software Engineers, Embedded Systems Engineer are the neo categories of focus.

Our Process to your Email campaign.

The First Step to an Email Marketing Campaign is  Initial Set up. This is the most important step which Includes Data validation and checks the Templates for any errors and spam score followed by setting up the MX and A/B testing.

MONITORING CAMPAIGN” Once The Initial Setup is done Its time to launch the campaign and Scheduling it to Get optimum Results Out of The Campaign.we have to perform regular checks if there is any error and monitor the campaign accordingly.

REPORTING” Reporting of a campaign helps us evaluate and improve our future campaigns. It gives us a sense of how Our Target Audience is Perceiving our Message. Reporting includes open, clicks, landing page activities, unsubscribes, and so on.

Our Individual Email Marketing Services.

  • Email Newsletters Designing

Sobo Solutions is Email Marketing Agency in Mumbai that provides the best newsletter design that will surely appear perfect in the inbox. Our templates are creative and impressive that will definitely attract the audience to read. Our newsletter carries a great message for your audience that they will surely read it.

  • Send Your Campaign and Ensure Inbox Delivery

We are using the best solutions to send your campaign, and we make sure it delivers in the audience’s inbox. At Sobo Solutions, we follow the latest guidelines and algorithms to ensure your inbox deliverability so that you make the most out of your Campaign.

  • Track Campaigns and Monitor Reports

You will get a complete insight report of your campaign, how many emails reached inbox how many emails got a bounce also click ratio. Sobo Solution is the best Email marketing agency in Mumbai provides better solutions to get Best results out of your campaign.